New Delhi: Private broadband internet company Siti Broadband, providing services in nine states of India, has come up with a great plan for its users. According to telecomtalk, the company has come up with a super fast internet offer at very cheap rates to woo the customers. Also Read – Siti Broadband users to get free ZEE5 subscription with 100Mbps Broadband plan

Most private operators who do not have a wide-scale presence in India charge their customers high rates for their broadband plans to recover the cost from them. However, despite having a low number of broadband customers in India, SITI Broadband is offering its fiber broadband plans for a very low cost. Now the company is offering one of the cheapest 200 Mbps broadband plans in all of India.

SITI Broadband 200 Mbps Plan

The 200 Mbps broadband plan from SITI Broadband costs only Rs 899 per month. Of course, the price is exclusive of taxes. But even after adding 18% GST (Rs 161) on Rs 899, the customer will have to pay a total of Rs 1,060 only in the end, the telecomtalk reports.

SITI Broadband has named its 200 Mbps fiber broadband plan ‘Mega’. It comes with unlimited data, but there is a fair usage policy (FUP) limit applicable on all the unlimited data plans. The terms and conditions page of the SITI Broadband suggests that the activation charges paid by the customer will be non-refundable. However, the company won’t charge for activation charges if the customer purchases his/her own router/modem and activates it by connecting the fiber wire to it.

All customers will have to pay a security deposit against the ONU devices that the company provides for the connection. SITI Broadband all provides customers with suggestions for appropriate routers/modems they can purchase for their connection if they don’t want the one provided by the company.

NOTE: The company reserves the right to withdraw the connection without giving any prior notice to the customers.

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