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Frequently asked questions

What is an Instagram Bio-Link ?

An Instagram Bio-Link is a simple landing page, accessible from your Instagram bio, that includes several links. These can lead to your website, store, blog — or anywhere you wish.

Since most users access Instagram Bio-Link from their mobile devices, Bio-Link landing pages should be easy to navigate. Most simply feature a few bold buttons.

Here is some Instagram Bio-Links example from around the world @priyajha146 @_Travel.nature

How to put a link in your Instagram profile?

Go to your profile, tap Edit Profile, add your link in the Website field and tap Done.

What does link in bio mean?

It means "link in biography", which refers to the area below an Instagram profile image and immediately above any posts/feed.

How to add a link to the TikTok profile?

Switch to a TikTok Business in your account settings, selecting “Manage account” and “Switch to Business Account.” then Tap “Edit profile” and enter a link into the website field. 

How to create a multi-link in bio?

The tool you can use to add more links to your Instagram bio is SocialPostman. With SocialPostman, you can quickly add unlimited links to a single Instagram account.

How to insert a link in your Twitter bio?

Go to your Twitter profile, select “Edit Profile”, and paste a link in the website field. Or, you can add a link directly in your Twitter bio.

Last updated on: 3 November, 2022